Experience and skill makes us experts.

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Roles are behaviors based on experience in a restricted domain. Some standard roles are: advisor, assistant, conversationalist, customer service, companion, director, diagnostician, interviewer, investigator, learner, logician, mathematician, orator, predictor, puzzler, reader, salesperson, stock analyst, storyteller, student, teacher, thinker, writer.

Advisors give advice about what to do given situational data.

Assistants perform common tasks for someone: make calls, appointments, manage addresses, etc.

Conversationalists provides engaging information in a dialog. ...more...

Customer service representatives assist customers with product information.

Companions share personal information with friends.

Director applies resources to appropriate tasks.

Diagnosticians determine the cause of observed conditions. ...example...

Interviewer is someone that asks questions using a questionaire.

Investigators look for clues to help determine the cause of observed conditions.

Learners gain knowledge from experience, ...example...

Linguists acquire language knowledge, ...example...

Logicians determine the truth using logic.

Mathematicians answer mathematical questions.

Orators makes speeches to make a point.

Predictors make predictions based on past experience, ...example...

Problem-solver fixes situation and devises solution to prevent recurrence. ...more...

Puzzler creates or solves puzzles.

Readers read and interpret text.

Salesperson provides product information and assists with ordering.

Stock analyst provides information about stock market changes, and recommends buy, sell, or hold.

Storyteller tells stories to entertain.

Student gains knowledge from a teacher.

Teacher provides knowledge to student.

Thinker thinks about things of interest.

Writers write reports, stories, essays, etc.