Human Mind Revealed!

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Mental functions mapped.

From a variety of sources, cognitive scientist T. E. Van Buskirk has gathered and organized the functions of the mind into the Human Mind Map. The Human Mind Map is a diagram of the relationships of mental functions. The diagram contains descriptions of the functions and hyperlinks to web-based supporting documents.

This information provides the foundation for artificial intelligence software designers and engineers to create an intelligent agent.

Instructions for using the map

Go to the download page to get the cogsciwb zip file.  After download, unzip file, open the new folder and activate the diagram by double clicking the HTML file.  Activate macros. Mouseover the boxes to display box name.  Resize the diagram using pan and zoom to the left side of the diagram. Ctrl + Click on a box to activate descriptions.  Click on a box to activate a link.

 Diagram is best viewed with Internet Explorer 5.0 (or greater) and Java.

 2012-08-04 Updated mind map diagram, added behaviors and new functions.

2012-01-07 Updated mind map diagram, added Believe and Maintain.

2011-05-29 Added hyperlinks for motivation, temporal spatial reasoning, learning, planning, and abstraction to Intelligence.

2011-05-03  Added sensing, motion and metacognition to mind map definitions. Released cogsciwb3 mind map with metacognition.

2011-04-19  Added Syntax to Language function in mind map diagram. 

2011-04-19  Added new reformated HTML Human Mind Map for download.

2010-06-09     Added sense, motion and physical behaviors to mind map diagram. 

2010-06-04     Added problem solver to roles with link to problem solving methods.

2009-10-05     Revised entire site to support the mind map diagram. 

2009-09-22    Added definition of Language Acquisition to home page.  Mind Map v7 diagram released.  Added Operation, Abstract, and definition of Language Acquisition, changed title, removed graphic, modified legend. Added PNG to downloads.

2009-02-21    Added definition of Language Comprehension and Language Expression.

2008-08-10    Added definition of Problem Solving.

2008-06-01    Added definition of motivation to home page.

2008-05-09    Mind Map v6 diagram released.  Added Simplify.

2008-04-15    Mind Map v5 diagram released.  Added Agenda, Allocate, and Segment.

2008-01-28    Added new code sample extract clauses.

2008-01-20    Added new code sample extract sentence.  Searching for new articles for design.

2008-01-13    Added new pages for Concepts, Design, and Code.

2008-01-06    Mind Map v4 diagram released.  Added operation function.

2007-12-30     Mind Map v3 diagram released.  Added models, motivation and interviewer role. Added "how to check an argument" article.

2007-12-16     Mind Map v2 diagram released.  Hyperinks added. Click box to activate link. Roles updated. Describe updated.

2007-12-09     Initial Mind Map diagram released.

For a quick look at the Mindmap, click on the diagram below.  No hyperlinks in this view.